about us

Who we are

Babart is an open gallery concept that explores new ways of exposing art. Babart will displayed in hotels and B&B amongst others, the Babart experience is tailored to the needs of young travellers: limited bag space, small budget and cultural interest in the place.

Based on a Self-Service model, potential buyers can purchase the products fully autonomous with their smart device. The products are exposed on a 3D printed stand made from the same recycled plastic as the products are and the packaging material is a simple but strong biodegradable plastic bag.

What we do

Babart applies graphical interventions to artworks from the 17th and 18th century, the period of the grand tour, and vintage photographs of the 19th century. The idea behind Babart is to create a collectable art object made out of recycled materials, for an accessible price and at the same time rethink the concept of the souvenir. We “recycle” data from image archives and artists and designers reuse these images for new artworks.


Maria Rosaria Basileo - Art Restorer
Gabriele Giugni - Photographer
Jochem Schoneveld - Photographer


Are you an artist and would like to collaborate with Babart?