Call for Artists - Season 1 - 2019

Please read the following application carefully, before submitting your project.

Who we are

Babart is a start-up that explores new ways of selling and acquiring art, through an engagement with smart technological systems, international artists and accommodation networks. 
Using walls of hotels, B&Bs, and accommodation houses in a given city, Babart is an ‘open gallery’ concept, which promotes art transactions tailored to travellers.
With a seasonal curatorial program, Babart recruits young, emerging, and established artists, and exhibits their works in private accommodation houses that are designed to meet the needs of cultural travellers: limited bag space, little budget, and cultural interest in the city. 

The following video explains the process:

Recruiting artists

Babart recruits new artists twice a year: January-June (season I), and June-January (season II). For each season, 15 new artists will be selected. For each season, Babart proposes a theme, which any applicant, in consideration of the guidelines provided in the call, will use as an inspiration to develop a project.  

call 2019 regulations

Each season, Babart will propose a standard-sized product to be installed in accommodation houses.  For the 2019 season I, Babart will produce light boxes that fit the ‘Babart Canvas’ (13x18).
18 cm

13 cm

From the selected works, Babart will produce ‘Limited Edition Prints’ (photography, drawings and paintings are all well suited media).The artist’s project presented for the call should therefore respect the format of the current edition, with no limit pertaining to the media.


For Season 1, Babart has selected the theme ‘Slow Touring,’ drawing from the words of the former Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism Dario Franceschini, who considered the topic as an opportunity to think about “the difference between fast and slow cultural appreciation.”
The term ‘slow’ came into existence in the 1980s in reference to food, and it has gradually become synonym with a more authentic way of experiencing food, and also culture and travelling. 
This first edition of Babart is dedicated to this very dichotomy: the perceived integrity of the slow, and its contrast to the increasingly hasty superficiality of the fast
A duality which is often experienced in relation to contemporary art, and also traveling. 

Edition I: Rome
In a constant conflict between ancient and modern, tradition and innovation, Rome is a city that strongly embodies this contrast. An ideal reference to develop a project full of icons and suggestions.
The artist’s proposed project should therefore combine an original contextualization of the city, with a critical consideration of the idea “slow and fast cultural appreciation.”
As works installed in accommodation houses mostly used by ‘fast travelers,’ proposed projects should rely on elements of visual immediacy, while also establishing a more elaborate conceptualization of the topic. 


In order to apply, the artist must attach:
All required documents should be completed and uploaded to Babart’s official ‘CALL 2019’ platform.

Only complete submissions will be reviewed.

Conditions of participation

In consideration of the ‘Babart Canvas’ size-standards (see the ‘Call 2019 regulations’ section), each candidate should propose a project (photography, light installation, etc.), that is easily installable, sellable, and replicable in prints.
Babart will produce, install, and distribute all selected projects according to the terms indicated below.

Each submission will be evaluated according to the following criteria (each criterion will be assigned a number of credits indicated in the right column):

Coherence (with the topic)

Visual appreciation (of the project)

Conceptual elaboration and depth (of the project)

Replicability, installability, sellability.


Art experience and portfolio

0-5 points

0-5 points

0-15 points (5 points each)

0-5 points

0-5 points

50 points

0-5 points

Upon completion of the selection process, Babart will email the selected candidates. The selected candidates must confirm their participation by our application form.

Babart is not responsible for any potential loss and/or technical controversy throughout the application process. Appeals of any sort will not be considered. 

As indicated in the ‘who we are’ section, the selected candidates will be exhibited in accommodation houses in Rome for a period of 6 months (after formalizing participation by email, each artist will receive a complete list with the intended locations of their installed works).Babart will produce, install and distribute the selected works. Once the works are installed, they are under the supervision of the accommodation manager, who will report any case of potential alteration, tampering, theft, or loss to Babart, who will then report to the artist.

Babart will produce a limited edition of the artist’s work, covering all the production costs.  Each work will be priced according to the Babart standards (€ 24.99/per piece). The artist will receive 30% of the price from each sale, and a notification at each transaction.

At the end of each season (May and November), the most successful works will be included in an online exhibition with an ad hoc curatorial program. Prizes will be awarded to the most active buyers and to the most successful artists.

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