Art and Design



→ The Basics

time, space and light

The images are printed on Lightbox paper and
face-mounted on a 3mm plexiglass panel. The properties of the paper make these products great light catchers, casting beautiful shadows when displayed near a window or lit from behind with a simple tea light.

rethink, reuse, recycle

In 2020 we are starting a proof of concept in the city of Rome, the objective is to display the works in B&B’s, guesthouses, design objects stores and museum shops.One of the key properties of the product is the scalability. If the proof of concept in Rome is a success, we will start in other Italian and European cities. The works on display are always connected to a place, furthermore the products will be produced locally and the artistic interventions will be done by local artists. A minimal carbon footprint for the production of the products is achieved.

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Products are interchangeable
Recycled materials

→ Lucino

a great natural light catcher

Lucino is all about minimalism. Place the object in front of a window and it will catch natural daylight or will cast shadows on the plexiglass.
The base also serves as a penholder, or a base for your mobile.

Natural daylight
For our products we use premium quality recycled plexiglass. The image is face mounted to the plexiglass and this creates depth and play of light.
We can now define our destination and develop a clear map for getting there. Applying our creative thinking, we craft clear strategies that differentiate your business and meet your objectives.
Use Lucino is not only an art object but it also serves as a mobile phone holder and a pencil box
Would you like to use a different color or different shape base? No problem, just swap the base. Maybe you would like to upgrade to our Farone product and create a premium Lightbox?

→ Farone

Not your average lightbox

This is our premium product. Farone is equipped with a LED light lighten up your space.
Like all our products, Farone is made out of Recycled plastic.


Farone comes in many different colours, choose your base color and the color for the plexiglass sides.

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